2017 Instructors

2017 National Instructors

Edwin Ferreras & Dakota Romero

Bachata VIA Bolero (B-I)
All-Styles Merengue
Bachata Regional Styles (I)

International Ambassador of Dominican Arts, Edwin Ferreras is a Dominican-born dancer, scholar, and educator of the arts, based in New York City. Edwin provides his students with an exceptional in-depth music and dance experience, and is widely popular for his innovative methods of teaching connection, musicality, history, cultural idioms, footwork and social dance skills. He has traveled around the world including; Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, and throughout the United States, encouraging his students to express themselves in their own unique way.

Edwin works with multitalented singer, actor, and dancer, Dakota Romero, who is a vital counterpart to his work in the Latin dance community. Dakota grew up in Los Angeles and began her dance career at the age of 10. She has trained in ballet, hip hop, and flamenco, but Latin dance has always been her passion. Together, Edwin and Dakota teach and perform, both at home in New York, and across the globe, captivating the world of dance.

Hansel Melgares

Mens styling/footwork
Cha Cha Cha
Salsa Suelta I & II

Hansel is a master instructor and performer of traditional vernacular Cuban dances: rumba, son, timba, casino, and folkloric Afro-Yoruba dances. He has participated in different festivals and dance congresses throughout Europe particularly Italy, England, and Spain to name a few. He has collaborated with different dancers and instructors, namely Alberto Valdes, Maykel Fonts, Roly Maden, Zeo Fernandez, Yeni Molinet, and more. Over the course of twelve years he oversaw classes and workshops at his three dance academies in Italy. In 2009 he participated in TIMBALAYE a biannual international festival in his hometown Havana, Cuba. There he taught alongside with master instructors like Domingo Pau, Ulises Mora, and Irma Castillo. He attended also to different events and festivals in the USA (San Francisco, Atlanta, Nashville, Seattle), at the moment he is working in Italy with his dance school Cubailando and other projects; Hansel is a representative and promotor of cuban culture and traditions!

Ivo Vieira

Zouk Flow
Kizomba Connection

Born in Portugal, parents from Mozambique and Angola, Ivo Vieira has devoted his life to spreading African and Latin-American dance throughout the world. Since 1998, Ivo has trained in Brazil, USA and throughout Europe brining his unique style, singular passion and unparalleled experience to hundreds of dancers. While working as a choreographer and dancer in various performances, festivals and events, Ivo has risen to become one of the world’s premier instructors in the African styles of Kizomba and Semba and recently Brazilian Zouk.

With great respect for the traditions and history of these dances, Ivo brings his vast knowledge of the Afro-Latin idiom from around the world to expand and explore what they can become. Ivo Vieira currently live in the US where he aspire to innovate and share his love of Zouk and Kizomba around the world. Ivo Vieira is the international Pioneer of Kizomba in USA and is the Producer of the first and the biggest Zouk w/ Kizomba congress in North America located in Los Angeles.

Jorge Luis Fernandez

Professional Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer from Cuba, Graduated from ENA( National  School of Dance from Cuba), especially in Cuban Folklore, Afro, Rumba, Salsa and popular Styles, Contemporary, and Musician.

Participations in Different Shows, Programs, Fest and Congress alike, Santiago Alfonso Company from Cuba, Habana Queen Company from Cuba, Rakatan Company from Cuba, Lady Salsa show, Habana Rakatan Show etc….. Visiting some Countries Like France, Suiza, England, Canada, Rusia and USA…

Las Vegas Salsa bachata congress, Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Fest, Cirque Du Soleil, Afro Sexy…..!!!

Teacher in Naiboa Dance Studio Las Vegas NV, Rhythmic Dance Studio Las Vegas NV, Moderno Dance Center Las Vegas NV.

Indira Mora

Graduated from the National School of Art, of modern, contemporary and folkloric dance, she belonged to different top dance companies in Cuba like Santiago Alfonzo and Ballet Rakatan, she has participated in different festivals and congresses in Europe, especially Italy, Switzerland, etc. , Has collaborated with dancers like Seo Fernandez and currently with Jorge Luis Fernandez, works in two shows in Las Vegas cirque du soleil Zumanity and sexxy show, has participated in different congresses in the USA, also teaches in different schools of salsa, rumba, Regueton etc in naiboa dance studio, without city salsero and moder dance center,

Workshops :
Rueda de Casino
Rumba Cubana
Salsa Cubana


Reinier Valdes

Afro Cuban
Rueda de Casino
Casino styling
Timba Partnering
Rumba guaguanco

Reinier Valdes was born in Habana, Cuba. He first started dancing to the Afro Cuban rhythms at a young age of 13. Reinier got immediately discovered by a professional Afro Cuban dance team who recruited his talent and showcased him all over Cuba. At age 18 he graduated from the Cuban school of dance as a dance instructor specializing in Latin rhythms, such as Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Rumba.

In February of 2009 Reinier relocated to Brazil where he continued his work as a dancer, performer, and choreographer. He started his own performance group named “Influencia Latina” touring and performing all over Brazil.

Reinier now lives in Seattle, WA were he continues to dance and share his talent and passion for the Afro Cuban rhythms through dance classes, workshops, and performances through his dance academy name “La Clave Cubana”. He has also being part of the most popular Cuban festivals in all USA as an instructor and performer taking Cuba to every corner he goes.

2017 Local Instructors

Darrin Visarraga

Darrin Visarraga’s addiction to salsa began in April of 2002. After moving to Los Alamos, NM and venturing into his first set of salsa classes, it was there that he discovered his love and passion for salsa. For the past 12 years, Darrin has been studying and teaching salsa in the Northern New Mexico area. Over the past five years, Darrin has been performing with the Odara Dance Ensemble during their Carnaval performances at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Currently, Darrin teaches salsa in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, NM. In another life, Darrin works as a Mathematician/Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, simulating and analyzing cascading effects on interdependent physical infrastructures.

Workshop Offered:
Salsa Bootcamp

Jessica Montoya

Jessica began dancing at the age of 4 in Taos, NM at the Betty Winslow Dance Studio. She was trained in Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. Simultaneously she trained in gymnastics and Modern Dance with The Marjorie Malone Dance Company. She continued studying dance in New Mexico until traveling to Study in Spain at the age of 16 where she studied Flamenco. Upon returning, she continued studying Flamenco with Maria Benitez in Santa Fe, and later with Eva Enciñas & Pablo Rodarte at the University of NM. Continuing her education at UNM, she also studied Jazz (Contemporary and lyrical) and Hip Hop with the renowned Loren Fletcher Nickerson.

After graduating from UNM with an endorsement in Performing Arts, she decided to get back into my Latin roots and put her energy into Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha cha, and Reggaeton.

In 2007 she began teaching Salsa classes at Double Time Dance Studio under the direction of John Henry Moore where she also learned Tango and Country Two Step. In 2008 Jesica was cast as a Salsa dancer in the movie Husband For Hire featuring actors Mario Lopez, Mark Consuelos, Nadine Velasquez and several more. Jessica performed Salsa and Rumba with Darrin Visarraga in the 2016 Carnaval Show by Frank and Pilar Leto’s.

Currently when Jessica is not teaching Kindergarten, you can take Salsa classes from her at Defined Fitness (Riverside) and Maple Street Dance Studio in Albuquerque, NM.

Workshops Offered:
Body Movement/Isolations
Bachata Bootcamp

Karim Armazanduk

Workshops Offered:
Salsa Teens Class
Kids class

Karim started dancing at age 4 in santiago Chile ,she studied ballet,modern ,jazz,latin jazz ,afro latin dances and ballroom. She moved to the states 16 years ago and started doing belly dance, tribal dance,African dance ,Hawaiian and latin. Karim belongs to the awesome Off Broadway Dance Team

Lovie Hernandez

Lovie Hernandez is a dance instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience.  Lovie is the proud owner of Lovie’s Dance Company in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Thousand Oaks, California. The dance styles taught there include Latin, ballroom, Hip-hop, Swing and many more.
Lovie began his career in teaching at the famous Arthur Murray school of dance, he then trained with Salsabor y cache dance team in Los Angeles Ca. You can find Lovie at loviesdancecompany.Com

Shiva Hernandez

Shiva Hernandez, started dancing at the early  age of 4, when she attended her mom’s belly dancing classes in Iran . She danced till the age of 14. She found her new passion in Latin dancing  with salsa & Bachata. She has been training and teaching at Lovie’s Dance Company for 3 years .

Workshops Offered:
Momentum patterns/lead follow
Music and Timing
Dips and Tricks

Sarita Streng

Sarita Streng has a MA in Dance from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Department.  She has studied dance in Cuba and teaches with Rueda 505 Dance Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was also a co-director for the film “La Salsa Cubana.”

Workshop Offered:
Salsa Bootcamp