Our Organization

Guanabana (gwa-ná-ba-na) Productions, Inc. is the non-profit organization of volunteers serving to create and promote the Albuquerque Latin Dance Festival. Our primary goal is to develop and celebrate New Mexico’s vibrant Latin dance culture. We achieve this by utilizing partnerships with local dance schools, dancers, musicians, and other supportive entities within the surrounding communities and beyond. Guanabana Productions is committed to providing quality, excellence, openness, and fairness to our sponsors, participants and volunteers.

There are few activities that bring together such a rich diversity of people—socio-economic; cultural; range of age groups—such as Latin music and dance. And Guanábana Productions, Inc. masterfully raises-the-bar every year by inspiring, educating, entertaining and celebrating people from all walks of life with this cultural, educational, performance-art & music event. Latin music and dance is a global phenomenon and yet one that we New Mexicans can take particular pride in celebrating here at home, during ABQLDF and throughout the entire year.